When Paige finds a boy with the power to start fire, she asks for her sisters’ help. However, later, they find out that a demon is after the boy’s powers. Meanwhile, Piper attends her friend’s bachelorette party and wants things to change for her and Leo. Will the sisters save the boy and will Piper realize she can’t have a perfect marriage?


Prue Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Paige Matthews

Leo Wyatt


Prue: Alright, tyler, I know you're scared and terrified right now.

Piper: Well, I went to Elizabeth's bachelorette party and I realized that Leo and I have a very...awkward relationship.

Paige: Well, my sisters and I also have powers. Wanna see them?

Leo: Piper...You're a witch, I'm a whitelighter...we're not a perfect couple, we're a magical couple.

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