Battle of the Minotaur Kings is the 4th episode of the fourth season and 70th overall episode of Charmed.

Battle of the Minotaur Kings
Season 4, Episode 04
Air date November 15, 2001
Written by Daniel Cerone
Directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum
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The Fury of the Witches
Live Three or Die Piper


When Paige has a premonition of an innocent being killed by a demon, the girls set out to protect him. Prue becomes very prideful and sets her main priority on helping Paige vanquish her first own demon. They are shocked at the revelation that the innocent is actually the demon and the demon is actually the innocent. Meanwhile, Piper surprises Leo with a shocking document.

For a complete plot of Battle of the Minotaur Kings , go here .

For a complete script of Battle of the Minotaur Kings, go here.


  • John Calloway
  • Minotaurs
  • Blake

Magical NotesEdit

Book of ShadowsEdit

Demons that can kill you with a poisonous slash of their claws. You will recognize a Minotaur by their bodies of men and heads and tails of bulls. They attack when angered and work alone. Also, with each generation of Minotaurs, there will lead up to a half-human, half-Minotaur..


  • Shapeshifting: Used by John and Blake to shapeshift into their Minotaur side.
  • Telekinesis : Used by Prue to defend herself against John and Blake in their Minotaur forms.
  • Astral Projection : Used by Prue to fight John and Blake in their Minotaur forms.
  • Molecular Combustion : Used by Piper on John and Blake in their Minotaur forms.
  • Molecular Immobilization : Used by Piper during a failed assault on John and Blake in their Minotaur forms.
  • Premonitions : Used by Paige when Blake bumped into her during an argument with John and used by Paige with the help of the Power of Three.
  • Orbing : Used by Leo to teleport.
  • Slashing: Attempted use by Blake during a failed assault on John in his Minotaur form.
  • Super Strength: Used by John and Blake during all of their battles.


Prue: Okay…that was almost too easy.

Piper: Easy for you to say. Both of your powers phased him.

Piper: Prue is very...very prideful and it's her pride that almost got her killed many times before. In fact, there was this time where we all got zapped with sins...

Paige: Pride?

Piper: Yep.

Prue: You know why we are here. We need some time to have some sisterly bonding.

Paige: This is bonding time already. I’m noticing that Piper is very neurotic.

Piper: Hey!

Prue: We have to distract James first.

Leo: What about the other Minotaurs?

Piper: They're not going to do anything. They don't want James as King either.

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